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Drawing for Mindfulness in the Garden


12th May 2019
11am -1pm,
£30, Much Ado Books, Alfriston,
East Sussex.
In this relaxing morning workshop with Cécile Garcia you will explore simple exercises that turn drawing into a joyful meditative process rather than focusing on the end result.

Mindfulness drawing brings attention to the present moment in time by focusing on what you are drawing and making marks in a freeing way that brings a sense of peace and enjoyment to your day.

We will look at how mindful drawing can lead you into a deeper connection with yourself, and the world around you. We will encounter the gardens of Much Ado Books with paper and pens, taking time to use all of your senses to slow down, breath, observe and record the environment.  
Mindful drawing is for everyone, no prior drawing experience required.

All drawing materials provided, but please feel free to bring your own if you would like to